Noma Bar - Bittersweet Book and New Print Releases!

Posted on June 06, 2017


We're really excited to show you Noma's brand new book, 'Bittersweet', a 680 page 5 volume monograph produced in a Limited Edition of 1000 published by Thames & Hudson. Noma has handpicked his most iconic illustrations and favourite works, each one displaying the distinctive style that has established his reputation. The works are organized into thematic chapters such as ‘Pretty Ugly’ (portraits), ‘In Out’ (sex), ‘Life Death’ (conflict), and ‘Less More’ (daily life). Alongside the images, Bar reveals his working methods and the stories behind his often idiosyncratic inspiration for different illustrations, and reflects on how his life experiences have shaped him as an artist. Encased in a specially designed slipcover box, and including a limited edition print, you can order a copy of Bittersweet here. We've also added some new work to our selection of Noma Bar prints, you can browse and buy all of Noma's work here

Noma's distinctive style has established him as one of the world’s most in-demand illustrators and an Outline Editions favourite. This series of portraits employ his trademark witty compositions, his subjects are both instantly familiar and, on closer inspection, filled with double entendres and visual puns. Rare, small editions, the prints are hand pulled silkscreen prints, signed and numbered by Noma in an edition of 10. Check them out here

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New Artist! Agathe Sorlet

Posted on April 19, 2017

Agathe Sorlet - New Releases

We're excited to present the newest addition to the Outline Editions selection of artists, Paris based illustrator and animator Agathe Sorlet. A graduate of Gobelins and LISAA in France, Agathe is inspired by everyday encounters and the women she meets. Her vivid and informal portraits present the ultimate girl gang, check some of her amazing prints below, or take a look at her shop page here.

Agathe Sorlet, Team Glasses, Giclee Print, 297 x 420 mm, Signed Edition of 50, £65

Agathe Sorlet, La Piscine, Giclee Print, 297 x 420 mm, Signed Edition of 50, £65

Agathe Sorlet, Swimming Pool & Topless, Giclee Print, 300 x 300 mm, Signed Edition of 50, £65 each

Agathe Sorlet, Curves, Giclee Print, 297 x 420 mm, Signed Edition of 50, £45

Agathe Sorlet, Saturday Night & Sunday Love, Risograph Print, 297 x 420 mm, Signed Edition of 50, £45 each


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Carnovsky RGB Prints

Posted on March 29, 2017

We're down to the last few in our editions of amazing optical illusion prints by Milan based artistic duo Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla (a.k.a Carnovsky). Using red, green and blue filters and a special RGB printing technique Carnovsky have created a series of prints that reveal secret images; when viewed through the opposing colour filter, layers of illustration in the prints come to the foreground, with the rest of the imagery becoming almost invisible, MAGIC!

Carnovsky, La Selva, Limited Edition of 20, RGB Print, 75 x 110 cm, £870 unframed, £1250 framed

As well as being beautiful stand alone pieces, the 'La Selva' series of prints have three hidden images. When viewed through a red filter you will see all the creatures of the daytime such as monkeys, a pelican, a toucan and hares, use the green filter and you will see the plants and foliage of the animals' habitat, the blue filter reveals all the nocturnal creepy crawlies and underwater creatures including spiders, alligators, bats and lizards. Available in two colourways, the paler 'La Selva' and the darker 'La Selva Notturno', we're down to the last few in the edition of each of these prints, so please do get in touch if you'd like one!

Carnovsky, Installation at Dream Bags - Jaguar Shoes, 2011, seen through Red, Green & Blue Filters (images by Jeff Metal)

Carnovsky, La Selva Notturno, Limited Edition of 20, RGB Print, 75 x 110 cm, £870 unframed, £1250 framed

To make sure you can get the most out of your print we will be sending out a copy of Carnovsky's amazing book Illuminature, written by Rachel Williams and illustrated by Carnovsky, with each order for a La Selva or La Selva Notturno print. The book includes a special set of red, green and blue filters that you can use for both the prints and the illustrations in the book and takes a trip around the world exploring the creatures, habitats and nocturnal life of locations all over the globe using the RGB technique. If you can't quite stretch to one of the large prints, you can snap up one of the books, published by Wide Eyed Editions, here, or check out Carnovsky's smaller prints like the Vesalio series below and in the online shop

Illuminature, Illustrated by Carnovsky, Written by Rachel Williams, Published by Wide Eyed, £20

Carnovsky, Vesalio Series, Each are Limited Edition of 100, RGB Print, 25 x 42 cm, £150 unframed, £210 framed

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Affordable Art Fair Spring - Battersea Park - 9th-12th March

Posted on February 01, 2017

We'll be exhibiting at the Spring edition of the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park, from the 9th to the 12th March, 2017. Presenting our latest collection of limited edition prints alongside specially commissioned new work and one of pieces from our carefully curated selction of artists including Malika Favre, Noma Bar, Malika Favre, Lucille Clerc, James Joyce, Susie Wright and Kristjana S Williams

You can find more info about opening times and visiting the fair here

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Colour Trends for 2017

Posted on January 16, 2017

Inspired by colour afficionados Pantone's predictions for 2017, Blue Monday seemed the ideal time to introduce a bit of colour to our blog and brighten up a rainy day in East London. We've got a huge range of beautiful and bright artwork - below we've picked out some of our favourite shades for 2017

Lucille Clerc's latest collection of prints are the perfect antidote to grey january days in the city, filled with fresh foliage, exotic blooms and abundant growth, Lucille's amazing prints bring spring time to your walls whatever the weather's doing outside. You'll also be bang on trend; Pantone have picked 'Greenery' as 2017's hottest colour, pairing it with lush palm shade 'Kale'.

Anthony Burrill's cheerful Every Day Beautiful is the perfect 'rise and shine' print, radiating positive vibes that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It's also a stylish choice, with 'Primrose Yellow' also being one of Pantone's picks for 2017

If you're feeling a little colour shy don't worry, there's plenty of opportunity to add highlights and vibrant flashes with prints like Hey Studio's Peak - composed mainly of muted greys, the artists have used bright pops of colour in small details to lift the piece. They've also perfectly tuned in to another key Pantone colour trend for 2017 - 'Pink Yarrow' combined with 'Flame' orange.

Feast your eyes on the full Pantone 2017 trend prediction swatch below and brighten up your day with some new artwork from the online store




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