Our Prints

The editions we publish are created using a wide range of printing techniques ranging from digital giclee prints using archival paper and inks to hand pulled screen-prints, woodblock prints, etchings and risograph prints. All of our prints use the highest quality techniques and materials possible and are lovingly created in some of the best fine art printing studios in the UK. 

Most of our prints are limited editions which are signed and numbered by the artist and supplied with a certificate of authentication. Each print is numbered individually, following the format of individual number/total edition, so if your print is numbered 22/50, this means your print is number 22 in a total run of 50 prints. Occasionally we publish work as an 'open' edition meaning the run of prints is unlimited. You'll find information about the size, print making technique and edition in the descriptions accompanying each print on our site. Once the total number of prints in an edition has been sold, that's it, no more will ever be made, making your limited edition one of a small number of pieces in existence.  

Please take note of the site information given on each artwork before purchasing, and do contact us at info@outline-editions.co.uk with any questions. There may be a slight variation between artwork colours viewed on the website and the actual print colours, which are faithful to the artists intent.

To safeguard your investment, avoid excessive handling and frame your artwork under glass soon after delivery, to protect the image surface from the environment. Avoid hanging the work where it will be exposed to direct sunlight, sources of direct heat or damp.

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