All of our limited edition prints are sold unframed as standard, however if you would like to order a bespoke frame to enhance and protect your print, we can help.

Our frames are made by professional fine art framers based in Putney, South London using the highest quality acid free, archival materials and expert techniques guaranteed to protect and care for your artwork for many years to come.

We've selected some of our favourite framing techniques and finishes as examples, but there are many more possibilities so please do get in touch if you'd like something different. We've set out standard prices for some of our most popular size frames below, you'll find print size in the description section of each print in the online shop.

Framing orders usually take between 2 and 3 weeks. Delivery within London with a courier costs £25, we can deliver outside of London, but will need to get you a specific quote with our courier. All frames sent out for delivery will be glazed in clarity acrylic for safety. You can also collect you print free of charge from our studio in Shoreditch on Monday or Tuesday from 11am-5pm. At present we're not able to offer framing services outside of the UK, but we can give you a framing specification guide to pass on to your local framer. To order any framing please email ellie@outline-editions.co.uk

Standard Box Frame:

A box frame uses a small internal strip of wood between the glass and the artwork to create depth inside the frame. This is great for your artwork as it avoids pressure being applied to the surface of the print. This is a minimal, contemporary look with the cut edges of the print being concealed into the sides of the frame and is available in a satin finish white or black moulding.

Standard box frame prices:

A3 (42 x 29.7cm) - £90.00

50 x 70 cm - £140

A1 (59.4 x 84cm) - £200

70 x 100 cm - £270


Box Frame with Float Mount:

A box frame with float mount is very similar to a standard box frame, the framer uses a small internal strip of wood between the glass and the artwork to create depth inside the frame, but rather than trapping the cut edge of the print into the edges of the frame, the print is laid on top of a white back board with a border of a few centimeters to the edge of the frame so that the cut edge of the print is visible and the artwork appears to 'float'. Tiny archival hinges are used to fix the print to the back, so some waviness on the surface of the print should be expected as it is not stuck down all over (this is to protect the print from damage and allows any mounts to be removed without damageing the print). This is a lovely option for prints were the colour goes all the way to the edge of the paper or prints that you would like to add a border to without using a more traditional window mount or passepartout.

Box Frame with Float Mount prices:

A3 (42 x 29.7cm) - £100.00

50 x 70 cm - £160

A1 (59.4 x 84cm) - £220

70 x 100 cm - £310


Frame with Window Mount:

Frames with a window mount (or passepartout) use a second layer of mount board laid over the top of the print below the glass with a window cut out to show the print through. A window mount is a good option if you want to add a border over the print between the edges of the print and the frame or make a print seem bigger, they also help keep the print very flat. These frames do not create depth like a box frame, the window mount lies flat against the glass inside the frame. Bear in mind a window mount will usually make your final frame dimensions quite a bit larger than the print size alone, the prices below take this into account. If measuring for a specific space on your wall you should allow approximately 10cm - 20cm extra space for a frame with a window mount above the stated size of the unframed print.

Frame with Window Mount prices:

A3 (42 x 29.7cm) - £120.00

50 x 70 cm - £180

A1 (59.4 x 84cm) - £250

70 x 100 cm - £340





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