James Joyce

Developing themes and imagery that celebrate the everyday, James Joyce's practice looks to transform the seemingly commonplace into bright, iconic shapes, offbeat messages and striking compositions. With a process rooted in drawing and printmaking, he works across a range of media, creating sceenprinted editions, one-off art pieces and three-dimensional objects. As a result of his exploration of imagery, typographic forms and applied graphics, Joyce has garnered a following around the world who regularly buy his work, and he is often invited to collaborate with brands to create bespoke and exclusive signature products.

Joyce’s work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, magazines, books and award annuals (he was awarded a coveted D&AD yellow pencil in 2011), and his bold and witty approach to image making regularly attracts commissions from a wide range of international clients including Apple, Nike, BBC, The Guardian, The New York Times, and Wallpaper*.

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