Trev Harvey

Artist Trev Harvey has over 24 years experience in the design industry predominantly in motion graphics and animation for TV, exhibition, interactive and film.

Animation runs 25 frames a second on TV, creating a stream of images which can be difficult to appreciate as single pieces of artwork, Trev is now focussing on creating stand alone images and objects which can last for years and be enjoyed. 

His work attempts to bring light and colour into a sometimes less than bright world. Looking into the different facets and extremes manifested in alternate, sometimes opposite states of mind and emotion and attempting to create a space between them. In his latest series of work Trev has created an innovative technique, replacing the dots of traditional half tone printing with emojis, adding an extra layer of meaning to his striking pop art style portraits

Each of Trev's editions is printed using the highest quality materials and is signed and numbered in pencil and stamped with Trev's unique big A symbol.


Trump EmojiU


Ali EmojiU


Kim EmojiU

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